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Vintage Vans - Introducing Mr Asquith

On the outside he is a Pullman style 1920’s van; on the inside he is clean and efficient, providing the output of a 21st century ice cream van. He brings the character and style of a bygone era to your event while meeting the demands
of a hot, busy day.

He is loved by children and adults alike, not only for his freshly made
Dairy Soft Ice Cream but for the memories he evokes and the photographs
he inspires.

Mr Asquith can provide a focal point at your show for all to appreciate.

He is a real crowd pleaser,
turns heads wherever he goes!

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Please send us your enquiry,
taking bookings now for forthcoming events!

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Mr Asquith is open for business...
 Ice Cream Parlours,  Ice Cream Vans
...smiles all round!
 Ice Cream Parlours,  Ice Cream Vans
Ready to roll into your show!