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Farmhouse Parlours

Farmhouse scoop ice cream is dairy and offers an alternative to traditional vans. A combination of one of our parlours along with our farmhouse vans gives you the ultimate ice cream operation. The ice cream we serve is made on the farm by Duncan Bennett and his small team:
Our flavours :
•  Vanilla
•  Strawberry
•  Chocolate
•  Mint Chocolate Chip
•  Devon Toffee
•  Honeycomb
•  Rum & Raisin
•  Banana & Butterscotch
•  Maple & Walnut
•  Peach & Mango

Increasingly we are requested to provide a farmhouse ice cream which is local to your event. Our partners include:

Woodlands Farmhouse Ice Cream - Welsh Ice Cream

A Welsh dairy farmhouse ice cream made on the farm at Erbistock near Wrexham by Richard Done, using only the finest ingredients to ensure maximum traceability.

English Lakes Ice Cream

English Lakes is a dairy ice cream made in the beautiful Lake District near Kendal using whole milk, Jersey cream and butter. Peter and Frances Fryer have been running the business for over 20 years.

Bluebells Dairy Ice Cream

Bluebells ice cream is made on Burnswood Farm near Derby. Their award winning ice cream is all homemade and handcrafted. The milk only travels 20 meters from the milking parlour before it is made into ice cream!

 Event Catering,  Ice Cream Show
 Event Catering,  Ice Cream Show
 Event Catering,  Ice Cream Show
 Event Catering,  Ice Cream Show